Andharban Trek: Monsoon Trek Near Pune

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Introduction to Andharban Trek

Andharban Trek, aptly named for its dark, dense forest, is a mesmerizing trek in Maharashtra. It offers a gradual descent where trekkers start at a height and descend to the base. This trek is renowned for its natural beauty, featuring stunning views of the Kundalika Valley, Bhira Dam, Devkund Waterfall, and the Tamhini Ghat mountain ranges. The initial half of the trek is shaded by an evergreen forest, making it a perfect retreat into nature.

Scenic Highlights

The Andharban trek takes you on a journey through a ridge that provides breathtaking vistas of the Kundalika Valley. The trek further descends into the Konkan region, ending at Bhira village, the origin point of the Kundalika River, famous for white water rafting in Kolad. The dense forest, streams, and waterfalls, especially vibrant during the monsoon, make it a trekker’s paradise.

Trek Itinerary and Essentials

Our Andharban Trek itinerary is thoughtfully designed, adhering to forest department regulations and local community guidelines. Enjoying the monsoon at one of Maharashtra's wettest places requires following the trek leader's instructions due to unpredictable weather. Proper trekking gear is mandatory to ensure safety and enhance your experience.

Journey and Logistics

We offer a comprehensive trek package from Mumbai & Pune, starting from Borivali to Pimpri and back. This package includes forest permits, bus travel, breakfast, lunch, and guidance from experienced trek leaders. The best time to visit Andharban is during the rainy season, when the forest is alive with waterfalls and lush greenery.

Why Andharban Trek?

Andharban, meaning "dark dense forest" in Marathi, comes alive in the monsoon with rivers, streams, waterfalls, and mist. It is the most popular rainy season trek near Pune & Mumbai, providing a refreshing escape from the summer heat. Located in the famous Tamhini Ghat, Andharban is surrounded by other notable treks like Plus Valley, Devkund Waterfall, and Kolad river rafting.

Trail Details

Starting near Pimpri village, around 75 kilometers from Pune, the Andharban trek is ideal for beginners. The trail, covered in wildlife, waterfalls, and views of Bhira Dam  is well-marked but can be dangerous without a guide due to fog and unpredictable weather.

Safety and Wildlife

Trekking here requires forest department permission. The sounds of nature, from howling winds to bird songs, create a serene atmosphere. Trekkers might spot orchids, mushrooms, and various flowers, adding to the trail's charm. Staying with the group and following the trek guide's instructions is crucial for safety.

Flora and Fauna

The forest is home to many wildflowers like Karvi, Sonki, Jambhali Chirayat, and more. Birdwatchers can spot Kingfishers, Falcons, Minivets, and Malabar whistling thrushes. Locals occasionally hunt wild boars, porcupines, and monitor lizards, making it important to be cautious.

Enjoying the Trek

Relaxing at various waterfalls along the trail is a highlight. The monsoon transforms the forest into a lush, vibrant landscape. Trekkers are advised to stay within sight of the group to avoid getting lost in the dense forest.

Unique Trek Experience

Unlike challenging ascents, Andharban offers a gradual descent, starting at 2100 feet. Proper trekking shoes are essential for navigating rocky trails and river crossings. The trail is less crowded, offering a peaceful trekking experience.

Return Journey

After reaching the Hirdi Plateau, we take a break and then trek back to the starting point at Pimpri village, enjoying the same beautiful views. Upon reaching the base village, trekkers can change into dry clothes, have a home-cooked lunch, and then return to Pune.

Best Time to Visit

The monsoon is the ideal time for the Andharban trek. The trail comes alive with waterfalls, wildlife, and streams. Trekking in winter can be hot and humid, and summer is challenging due to high temperatures. Night trekking is not recommended due to wildlife and lack of forest permissions.


The Andharban Trek is a hidden gem in Maharashtra, offering an unforgettable trekking experience. Its lush greenery, abundant waterfalls, and serene environment make it a perfect monsoon trek near Pune. Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a beginner, the Andharban trek promises a memorable adventure.

Discover the beauty of Andharban and embark on an adventure through Maharashtra's dark, dense forest. Join us for an unforgettable trekking experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

1 DAY Available on request Pimpri, Maharashtra
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Travel by bus Tempo Traveller/Mini bus 17/20/32 seater
  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch (unlimited)
  • Medical (first-aid)
  • Expertise charges
  • Team Captains

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Mineral water/lime water/ purchased for personal consumption
  • All kinds of Extra Meals / soft drinks ordered.
  • Any kind of personal expenses.
  • Any kind of cost which is not mentioned in the cost includes above.
  • All expenses incurred due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances like roadblocks, bad weather.
  • Any medical / Emergency evacuations if required.
  • 05:00 AM: Report to The Trekleaders at Fergusson College Main Gate, FC Road (https://goo.gl/maps/53XNsyDPwcSVReZW9
  • 05:20 AM: Pick Up From  Bremen Chowk- Shivneri Bus Stop, Aundh.(https://goo.gl/maps/8a26z5EVzbH4v8U28
  • 05:30 AM: Pick Up From Wakad-Hinjewadi Flyover ( https://goo.gl/maps/DK4j2vch4dtjHNEg8 )
  • 05:40 AM: Pick Up From Hinjewadi Phase 1 (https://goo.gl/maps/boFdXy14ABpeY4Yw9)
  • 05:50 AM: Pick Up From Hinjewadi Phase 3 (https://goo.gl/maps/zqN4a3YVLUN7CakH9)
  • 07:30 AM: Reach Base Village and Have Breakfast 
  • 08:30 AM: Board the Buses to reach the Start Point of the Trek. (Asanwadi)
  • 09:30 AM: Start Andharban Forest Trek Post Briefing and Instructions by trek leaders 
  • 12:00 PM: Reach Hirdi & Ghutke Village Junction and take a break
  • 12:30 PM: Continue our trek towards Base Village - Pimpri
  • 03:00 PM: Reach Pimpri Base village 
  • 03:30 PM: Get Freshen up and have Lunch (Veg Thali)
  • 04:30 PM: Start return journey to Pune.
  • 08:00 PM: Reach Pune. (Arrival time is subjective to traffic and weather conditions)



    Andharban trail start point, MCKS Ashram Road, Pimpri, Maharashtra, India View on Map
    Things to carry
    • 2/3 liters of water
    • Trekking Shoes provide more grip and comfort on trek
    • Good Torch must with extra battery
    • Some Dry fruits / Dry Snacks / Energy Bars
    • Glucon D / ORS / Tang / Gatorade sachets
    • One Day Backpack 20 to 30 liters
    • Rains are expected, so pack your bags accordingly to save them from getting wet
    • Double pack your valuables / phones in plastic bags
    • Rainwear / Poncho / Waterproof jacket etc. if you don’t want to get wet
    • Sun Cap and Sunscreen
    • Personal First aid and Personal Medicine
    • Identity Proof
    • Please wear Full sleeves and Full Track Pant this will protect from Summer Sun / Thorns / Insects / Prickles

    Cost Pune to Pune 1449/- per person

    Booking Process: 

    • Click on inquire now and our representative will get in touch for Booking
    • Booking amount of INR 500/- needs to be paid at the time of booking
    • Balance amount will be collected once the WhatsApp group of the trek is created
    • A WhatsApp group link will be sent to your WhatsApp number 8 hours prior to the departure. (Please provide WhatsApp number while booking)
    • Event Details and Trek Leaders details will be shared on that WhatsApp group only.
    Batch Dates

    July: 6, 19,

    August: 2, 14, 24,

    Things you should know before you book!

    Routes De India Rules & Regulations

    Identity Proof Required

    Please ensure you carry a valid identity proof with your address for the trek.

    Trek Etiquette

    This trek is an adventurous and thrilling expedition, not a picnic or leisure tour. Respect the trek leader's decisions, as they are final and binding for all participants.

    Preservation of Heritage and Nature

    • Do not damage or litter archaeological or historical sites, or natural habitats.
    • Swimming in lakes or water tanks on forts is prohibited, as locals use this water for drinking.
    • Avoid putting your feet in water tanks or on cannons during treks.

    Prohibited Activities

    • Consumption of alcohol, smoking, or chewing tobacco is strictly forbidden. Violators will be asked to leave the trek immediately without a refund and must arrange their own return.
    • Do not bring or wear valuables, jewelry, or ornaments. Organizers are not liable for lost items.
    • Listening to music on earphones or Bluetooth speakers is not allowed during the trek.
    • Bluetooth speakers are not allowed inside homestays or camping tents.
    • Eating, drinking, and smoking inside the tents are prohibited.

    Safety and Conduct

    • Rock climbing, rappelling, trekking, and other adventure activities carry inherent risks. Participants undertake these activities at their own risk. Organizers are not responsible for any accidents or compensation.
    • Follow the code of conduct to ensure a harmonious experience for all trekkers.

    Damage and Liability

    • If you damage or break tent poles, you will be required to pay for a new tent at the market price.
    • If you are late for the bus pickup and unreachable by phone, the trek leader will proceed without you, and no refund will be provided.

    Preparation and Gear

    • Check the list of things to carry and ensure you wear appropriate trekking shoes.

    By following these guidelines, you help ensure a safe, enjoyable, and environmentally responsible trekking experience for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

    General Fitness

    • Trekkers should have a reasonable level of fitness to join the trek.


    • Wear proper trekking shoes, as the route can be extremely slippery.

    Water Safety

    • Swimming is not allowed in the dam or waterfall areas.

    Stream Crossing

    • Follow the trek leader's instructions carefully during stream crossings.


    • Stay visible at all times. Do not wander out of sight of the trek guides.

    Difficulty and Navigation

    • The Andharban trek route can be confusing, and the weather is unpredictable. Following the trek leader's instructions is crucial for safety.

    Important Notes

    • Wear proper trekking shoes for safety on slippery trails.
    • The trek will return to the starting point near Pimpri Dam and will not descend towards Bhira Dam.
    • Roads leading to the trailhead are in poor condition, so expect possible delays.
    • In case of a bus breakdown, a replacement will be arranged, which may take 6 to 8 hours.
    • If you need to change your trek date within 3 days of departure, transfer charges of Rs. 200/- per person will apply.
    • For more details about the Andharban trek, please chat with us.
    Cancellation Policy
    • Booking amount is non refundable 
    • Cancellations done 30 days prior to date of departure - No cancellation charge (booking amount not refundable)
    • Cancellations done 29 - 15 days prior to date of departure 40% of the total trip cost would be charged as cancellation fees
    • Cancellations done 14 - 7 days prior to date of departure 70% of the total trip cost would be charged as cancellation fees
    • Cancellations done 7 - 1 days prior to date of departure 100% of the total trip cost would be charged as cancellation fees You are not applicable for a refund if you fail to show up on the day of departure under the given timeline that has been provided to you beforehand
    • Any reason for cancellations will not entertained
    • Incase of death of any close relative you can transfer the seat to any other person from your side or else full amount can be utilized on any other tour within a year